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About Us

Get to know us

Previously as the Northwoods Gallery and Coffeehouse, John Zollars and his family after many decades of operating and being part of the Atlanta Michigan Community sold the property to Ben and Nina Brinker in late Spring of 2022. With John’s guidance and many friends' help, Ben and Nina decided to transform the building and create The White Elk Coffeehouse.

Our Story

Ben and Nina grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They met in 3rd grade at Thurston elementary school. After many years of “growing up” they found themselves together again. They started a small family and with the gloom of the pandemic found sunshine in the city of Atlanta Michigan. Now living full time in Atlanta with their son Andrew Brinker, a proud Husky at Atlanta High School. 

With many years of experience in different facets of the service/food industry, Ben and Nina decided to take on the coffeehouse project and bring something special to the town of Atlanta, located on the 45th parallel. Paying homage to the past and adding some new ideas they continue to grow and are excited for the many more things to come and happen at their little coffeehouse.

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